Teachers Of The Truth

It was put on me to gather into repository videos of many channels teaching the truth because there would soon be censorship of the truth.

Little did I know then that some of these channels would start veering off the path a little to the left and the right, so you will need to be able to eat the meat and spit out the pips.

Please pray for discernment so you do not get misled or end up paying to receive the Word.


Many videos here explain tithing, so do not feel obligated to pay and ministry or teacher for hidden or extra knowledge – or tithes. I will have a section soon on laws, including tithing, for a deeper understanding.

If you eat at a restaurant, you pay, so if you get a lot of enlightenment from a particular teacher, it would probably be a courtesy to support them if you can.


I was helped along my journey by practically all of these channels at various stages of my journey. As I have increased my understanding of the scriptures, I can see where some fall short in areas.


If you want my opinion, I find these channels great for various aspects:


1. Teaching, but milk for those very new.

– Truthunedited (starting to stand in his position more, so probably the best of this section now, and maybe soon to graduate to section 2.)

– Stephen Darby Ministries (excellent, strong powerful lessons, but they are still stuck within Churchianity, so don’t tarry here. Also, Darby is no longer with us.)

– Kingdom Preppers 

– GOCC (lukewarm now, but does have some good teaching on current events but stuck in Churchianity, the lukewarm grey area with some of their content behind a paywall academy)



2. Easy-to-understand comprehensive teaching for those wanting more than milk 

– Shadinyah ( I love the format of Elders discussing various scriptural topics. All in good order)

– Tribe Of Judah Teach Some very concrete teaching here, but the brother disappeared several years ago, unfortunately.

– Watchman Reports (better lessons are when Watchman alone is teaching as his messages get quenched).

 Just a word (one of my go-to places until the flee doctrines. So, the older videos, or ones that do not involve dreams)



3. Ministry, scripture teaching, and preparation for these end times that keep things in order.

– Mashiach Assembly  (This is where you will be welcome twice a week to fellowship for Bible study and Shabbat – most recommended – Led by The Ruach. You will be built up to understand more about the scriptures and be built up to be able to stand against what is coming. A complete Ministry)

– Yona Golab (Very in-depth teaching and well-put-together lessons by the elder Yona. Lessons are put out every so often. My preference is brother Yona’s lessons.

– Assembly of Yahuah All seems in order and welcoming of all. Lots to be learnt here.



4. Information and Historical teachings

– Thoughts Camera Action (excellent, and probably the best place to get historical information and careful analysis,  occasionally quenched by the sheer volume of video output; some are for those who want ears tickled rather than for salvation. Having said all that, he has been very instrumental in my awakening and is a very approachable brother)


It’s essential to try your best to filter out the noise (itching ears), or you can be pulled one way, then the other, by watching non-essential content.

Just ask yourself if what you are watching will help your salvation if you get confused.

If the video starts talking about foolish genealogies or has racist undertones, it’s probably not worth watching. You can thank me later.

You do not want your spirit (Ruach) polluted with hate, especially when trying to purify your temple and draw near the Father.